Content Marketing Staff

Write advertising content on websites, forums, Facebook groups and Fanpage content.

– Compile content for marketing, advertising and required content.

– Support web administrator, fanpage, Facebook group and event organizer.

– Prepare marketing plan to distribute real estate projects

– Join the creative concept concept group, advertising script and other creative activities.

– Writing PR articles, press releases.

Job requirements
1. Level:

– Graduated from University / College or higher: Journalism, television, language, marketing …

2. Experience:

– Priority for those who have experience in writing real estate content.

– Have skills in writing news and PR articles, press releases.

3. Competence (Skill / ability):

– Rich creativity, ability to express coherent, logical

– Have information search skills4. Other requirements:

– Good looking appearance is an advantage.

– Sprightly.

– Responsible and creative at work.

Benefit enjoyed
– Salary: Agreement + commission (according to the performance of the business department).

– To enjoy social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance and welfare regimes according to the Labor Code.

– Monthly, quarterly and yearly bonus regime.

– Modern, dynamic and professional working environment.

– Training mode: Regularly participate in Marketing training courses.

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