Online Communication Solution Consultant

Job description
Working at the company office
Working time by office hours from T2 to T6 weekly T7 holidays – CN
Exchange, Advise with customers about products of online marketing marketing solutions of the company such as Website design, SEO, .. Hoting software, .. Domain, Google Advertising, FaceBook …
Participate in building, deploying, developing customer service
Supporting potential customers (brands, individuals, companies, etc.) in need of media advertising services on social networks.
Job requirements
1. As graduates of universities, colleges, …. DO NOT REQUEST EXPERIENCE (in the field of online marketing). When going to work, he will be trained to train the services of the company.


2. Good communication ability, fastness, PRIORITY those who want to learn and learn about Online Marketing


3. Honest, enthusiastic and high responsibility in work


4. Having a personal laptop (Year of birth: 199x)





5. Administrative Administration Fulltime

Benefit enjoyed
– Average income: From 7 million – 10 million (Hard salary + 25% to 35% Commission + Bonus (week, month, quarter, …)

– Professional and friendly working environment.
-Insurance by law, annual vacation, the regime of birthday of employees, activities of cultural and community activities in the year;
– Training knowledge of e-commerce, internet, communication and marketing during the working process (periodic, weekly, monthly)

– Have the opportunity to maximize your personal capacity, become a full-time employee, advance to senior positions (Team Leader, Deputy Head, Manager, …) and enjoy other special regimes

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