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Job description
1. Job description

a / Online

Search engine optimization SEO: Onpage & Offpage, writing SEO standard articles, know about google and SEO service tools. ….
Deploying the expansion of Advertising, PR & Digital Marketing channels: Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, SEO, ZALO, …
Editing media content on the Company’s communication channels (News content on SEO website, Content on social network Facobook, Zalo, Email, external PR content, seeding content, …)
b / Offline

Take care, introduce and consult products for customers through online channels
Receive orders (via phone, facebook, website, online communication channel)
Managing and building marketing plans, consulting with customers, maintaining and developing customer relationships.
Coordinate with relevant units / departments after sales in the extension and support for customer care.
Coordinate to carry out the assessment and report of the updated update campaign – support and customer care
Job requirements
· Graduated from: Business, Multimedia, Journalism – Propaganda, marketing, or advertising,

Ability to edit, write good PR articles, have experience and knowledge about Digital Marketing
Ability to exploit information, use advertising tools on the Internet,
Good communication skills, creativity, ability to process information, fast problems.
Ability to work in groups and individuals.
Good reporting and planning skills.
Resistant to high pressure at work
Benefit enjoyed
. Entitlements:

Salary agreement according to the competency of the candidate, accepting new graduates who have not experienced
Dynamic, sociable, professional and supportive working environment.
Annual vacation with the company

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